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sakura905's Journal

The Secret Path
My LJ is not regularly updated due to the fact I'm still a student!but I'm surprised I managed to go online and update almost everyday except when I have exam!

♥HaNako Sakura dechu~

♥I'm 16 years old

♥A high school student, other than that I'm unpaid a fangirl

♥Love JE,especially Hey!Say!JUMP and ARASHI

♥TaDaiMa Lover♥
♥You can say I'm weird,cutechildish,quite demanding on attentions,easy to get irritated but usually I can hold the anger,

♥I have a turns on and a turns off in my fangirling mood,

♥Sometimes I judge people yet I never let out what I've judged and sooner or later the judgment will fade away and the perceptions will soon change [beware of that~but no worries I will still be your friend and try not to hurt your feeling though sometimes I'm quite annoying],

♥Don't communicate well [explains why sometimes I will be silence in the middle of conversations or suddenly not talking or write to others],

♥Quite forgetful and careless,

♥Easy to have doubts over something,

♥I love to meet new friends,

♥and what important is....I LOVE RYOSUKE YAMADA and DAIKI ARIOKA~

♥ If you would like to be my friend…leave me a comment xD

LAYOUT CREDIT:ghost_factory

HaNako Sakura has become Yamada Ryosuke

True Friends and True Love since August 28th 2009

I promise I'll Love him as he promise me to love me

Please let me to be your shelter when it’s raining, snowing, hailing, and protect you for the rest of my life